Sunday, March 13, 2011


I LOVE working out, but I don't love how it always comes at a price, and it's usually a hefty tag.  One must be crafty when it comes to finding the camaraderie one needs to push themselves, the coaching necessary to understand proper form, AND the freedom to do a variety of workouts to keep it fun and interesting (no coincidence that p90x makes millions of dollars). It is not as hard as you would think though, especially in Santa Monica, to find these workouts without spending a ton of cash! Bet you didn't know you can get a Crossfit workout with a certified Crossfit LA Instructor for a recommended $10 donation every Sunday at the Santa Monica Beach! No membership dues or commitments, just great workouts! (find more at Sam's Beach Workouts).

Or if Yoga is your thing, how about the new viral movement called Underground Yoga led by Matt Hoglund and Cara Scott. This is cool- It's a traveling donation based Yoga class where the location the next week is revealed during the weekly class.  You can only find them by attending the last one, or finding out from a friend who went. They announced only the first class's location publicly. I don't know about you, but I like being in on secrets! I am going to their first class, so let me know if you want a hot tip on next week's spot ;) (find more info at Underground Yoga)

Maybe you're more into Reformer Pilates? Too expensive, huh? NO WAY! Instructor, Libby Biddeau in Venice Beach offers "group private" reformer classes, so it breaks the cost down quite a bit since you are sharing the space with 5 others. She gives each person the attention of a private lesson, keeps you smiling with cute jokes when you are writhing in pain during "hundreds" (you Pilates-peeps know what I'm talking about!), and wraps up class with an amazing ending: A mini savasanah with a lotion foot rub- ahhhh abs in pain, feet feeling nice :-) (Find more info at Libby Pilates)

So get out of the habit of saying "I have to go to the gym" that you hate paying for (unless you have that 24 Hour, $19 a month special, then I don't blame you...that's dirt cheap, just keep it) and become a fitness transient such as myself and join these movements- Support your local fit experts, and get in shape for less!